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Page breaks

By default, fpdf2 will automatically perform page breaks whenever a cell is rendered at the bottom of a page with a height greater than the page bottom margin.

This behaviour can be controlled using the set_auto_page_break and accept_page_break methods.

Manually trigger a page break

Simply call .add_page().

Unbreakable sections

In order to render content, like tables, with the insurance that no page break will be performed in it, on the can use the FPDF.unbreakable() context-manager:

pdf = fpdf.FPDF()
pdf.set_font("Times", size=16)
line_height = pdf.font_size * 2
col_width = pdf.epw / 4  # distribute content evenly
for i in range(4):  # repeat table 4 times
    with pdf.unbreakable() as pdf:
        for row in data:  # data comes from snippets on the Tables documentation page
            for datum in row:
                pdf.cell(col_width, line_height, f"{datum} ({i})", border=1)
    pdf.ln(line_height * 2)